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Thanks for visiting the site, and we’re happy you stopped by to see us.

We’re working on getting the e-mail sorted out so until further notice you can contact us at: dayton internet publishing (all one word) @ gmail (dot) com.

Sorry about that mess, but stupid spam bots ruining it for all of us.

Just to be clear though:

  • We do NOT accept guest post
  • We do not sell sponsored posts
  • We are not currently hiring writers (though this might change in the future)
  • Our car warranty is not about to expire and we’re not interested in important information regarding said matter

Alrighty, well with that out of the way if you have a reason to contact us, to suggest a business deal, a story you think we need to hear, by all means please send us a line.

We’ll try to get back as soon as possible, but Be Patient.

We don’t know what a sub-90 hour work week is so these things can take time.

If you have a story about how you broke free from the zombie life, we’d love to hear it! These are the stories that have inspired us on our own path, as well and give us fuel to keep on going.

Thanks for stopping by!