No More Zombie’s Life

Despite being fiercely independent in young adulthood and yearning for a “Hemingway” style of life: adventure, travel, taking risks, refusing to be tied down to the conventional route, and I wanted a life of travel, stories, adventure. So I was not the type of person who was likely to get sucked into a railroaded life of work, debt, and what we refer to as “The Zombie Life.”

And yet….

And yet…

Life & Lies Happen to the Best of Us

Yeah. Most of the 20’s, pretty great. 18 months of a dream job right out of grad school (which was a massive mistake despite all the “great” advice and guidance I received) spoiled me and lured me into thinking there was a chance at another job like that after the crash of 2008.


So somehow after years of struggling – I found myself pulled into the zombie life and needless to say, I hated it. Not quite as much as I hated how easy it was to get complacent, but I hated it and knew enough was enough.


Check Out This Amazing Post

That was our very first post on Zombies on Strike and it does an amazing job of talking about what we’re all about. In fact, it probably should have been this page, but hey you got to kick off a blog with a bang.

Zombies on Strike is all about UNDERSTANDING YOUR OPTIONS.

Some people are fully happy in the conventional life and path. Most are not. And yet they assume they’re trapped.

We all have choices, and we all have far more power than we realize to shape our lives, control our destinies, and do something different that brings more joy.

Maybe you’ll choose the conventional life.

And maybe you won’t.

But we want this website to be the one place where the knowledge, the experience, the plans tell anyone who bothers to deep dive that they make a decision based on what they really want and what will make them happy.

Not what they’re told to do.

Not what they’re told they have to do.

Not what they’ve been brain washed into believing.

Not because of outside pressure.

Make the decision that’s you – but make it as an independent thinking human being.

No More Zombies

  • No more zombies to the cubicle life if that’s not what you want.
  • No more zombies to the “American Dream” if that’s not what you want.
  • No more zombies to telling yourself you’re happy because you don’t want to face the truth.
  • No more zombies moving with the crowd.
  • No more zombies doing nothing but what we’re told.
  • No more zombies to the latest craze, fashion, trend.
  • No more zombies to media addiction.
  • No more zombies to playing by the rules.

The only zombies we want here are the ones on strike.

Because you only have one life – and you deserve to have the one that will truly make you happy 🙂

zombie on strike closeup
Yeah – that’s the one!