What Is Zombies on Strike All About?

The history behind this name is an odd one. The idea of “Zombies on Strike” hit me 12 years ago and since it was available as a domain name, I bought it. Originally the idea was a sort of zombie fan site: zombie based fiction, review of zombie movies, that sort of thing.

Needless to say, a lot has changed, many plans have fallen through, and I even gave up this domain name for several years.

But the name always stuck. It just felt right. It felt like something that should be said. Needed to be said. Needed to exist.

Even if I didn’t even know what Zombies on Strike was or what “it” would represent.

There was just something about it that felt right. So it’s a long, long way from 2008 but it’s time to bring this to life.

zombies on strike at night
Rise from the cubicles…RISE!

What Is Zombies on Strike Going to Be About?

Basically we’re interested in anything that can lead to a better life, and we don’t mean that in a guru self-help sort of way. Curious about 3-D printing as a practical tool, hobby, or side hustle? Cool, we’ll interview our friend with thousands of hours of 3-D printing experience who has done it for all of these purposes.

Want to learn a new hobby or skill but never seem to have the will? Cool – there are easy adjustments/patterns that anyone can do that can’t fail on a long enough arc. Hello new skills!

Looking for something on starting a business? Making money online? Figuring out how some people travel all the time? Oh yeah, those will be frequent topics.

Want the best lake for fishing in Ontario nobody knows about (somehow)? Insider guides into side hustles you didn’t even know existed? Ideas for a better life that don’t involve money traps like college or working a job you hate for 40 years?

Ever feel like you’re being fed a line in regards to every bit of advice people give you? Like 98% of the advice you get from adults is them convincing themselves they’re actually happy or made the right choices while the other 2% of advice is just wrong?

Welcome to our world.

We’ve made so, so, so many mistakes. We’ve also lived life, had experiences, and had adventures most people can only dream of. My brother and I are partners here – and we’ve each lived incredibly different lives and lifestyles.

Which makes it all the better for us to find a large, LARGE group of friends to talk about life in all its forms and all its possibilities.

Zombies on Strike is about a LOT. Because life should be more than just a job or just a belief or just a single philosophy. Life should be busy and full and wonderful.

But above all else, ZOS is about breaking FREE from that mindless track. To see when you’re the mechanical rabbit on a race track and to use that as the first step to break free to a better life…not convince yourself this is what you really wanted all along.

A very small sample of just some of the types of things we’re going to dive into over time:

  • Deep diving about fishing with a certified master walleye angler as he pursues the same recognition chasing big northern pike and lake trout
  • Talking about true Alaskan life with dozens of individuals who had, have, and continue to live there
  • Answering ALL the questions about solar panels that home owners can’t find off poorly made affiliate websites on the topic
  • How to live a life of adventure travel whether young on a shoestring budget, middle aged with a family, with money or without – we’ll do deep dives with people at every level who have actually done it
  • Building a permanent canvas tent homestead camp before clearing out an area to build a cabin by hand…documenting every single moment
  • Making money with EVERY type of skill or side hustle imaginable – whether a tech nerd, computer geek, academic, or handyman: NO ONE gets left out in the cold here
  • Learning how to really find out who you truly are, what you truly want, and how to live that real life once you discover those things
  • Any and everything that makes life more interesting, entertaining, and enjoyable – anything that helps you feel better, do better, be better
  • What’s the real difference between grass fed and corn fed beef (from actual small town farmers and butchers)
  • Finding and talking to successful FIRE followers who did not have huge high paying jobs, good luck, or start out in advantageous situations
  • Our own experiences selling a website to take a year off, start new businesses, get life in order, and how you can repeat our steps to do the same!
  • And so much more. If it can shock you out of any place you’re on autopilot and make life even slightly more interesting, more intriguing, more enjoyable, or better in any way, we’re interested in hitting it in-depth.

Who Are the Zombies We’re Talking About?

Unfortunately most of us are at least partially zombified. Many people are complete zombies and quite possibly they don’t even know it.

Look in most cases this isn’t even their fault. And if it is, that still doesn’t make this situation any better or “deserved.” We live in a world where anything should be possible and it should be a golden age for art, prosperity, and happiness.

Anyone who turns on the news or looks around likely isn’t getting that picture. The world still sucks, yo.

Doesn’t mean there aren’t highlights, though. We want to help bring out the ideas, experts, thoughts, and practices that make those rare high points the normal toolbox for your day to day life, and for most of us there’s no reason this can’t happen.

So what do I mean by zombie?

Zombies stare mindlessly, shuffling off as part of the horde no matter how big or small until sometimes running into something that causes them to surge after life for a short time.

I mean when you think about it, that “food” is actually anything living, therefore life…zombies become an even sadder, more powerful metaphor than they already are.

So who is the zombie?

  • Anyone who is heading towards doing something because they’re “supposed to”
  • Anyone who is living a life they’re not sure they actually want
  • Anyone who feels trapped
  • Anyone who feels like they don’t have options
  • Anyone feeling like they’re on a speeding railroad to the grave (cheery, that group)
  • Anyone in a schedule others make for them
  • Anyone making their goals based on TV, what friends/neighbors/relatives are doing, what colleagues tell them they should want
  • Anyone living off of old goals or dreams
  • Anyone with no goals or dreams because they “live in reality” (which isn’t true unless you mean ‘a hellish reality of my own making’)
  • Anyone not living their fullest because they are on auto pilot.

We’re not saying to quit your third year of scholarship paid college to become a small village butcher half a world away. I mean maybe that is your calling in which case go through the right channels to always come back if it doesn’t work out, then go for it.

For most of us getting out of the rut is much more subtle.

We’re not going to be zombies any more.

Or to hit the 80’s punchline so you know you hit the turning point in the show or movie you’re watching: They’re not zombies anymore, they’re zombies ON STRIKE!


Time for a change. Whether small, big, or as simple as “It’s like an in-depth online magazine that gives me monthly reads I look forward to.”

Hey, wherever you’re at, we want to be useful.

So Wait Is This Self Help?

No. Absolutely Not. Yes. Completely. I know, helpful, right?

Here’s the thing: the definition of a great life is going to be way different between different people. So the changes, advice, help, or ideas needed are just going to be different from one case to another.

Some of us have been at a place where everything felt terrible and hopeless…and maybe for the short-term at least it was. Let’s be realistic, sometimes that is the case and what you can actually control is a far, FAR shorter list than any self-help guru is willing to ever admit.

Sometimes we were generally happy, buuuuuutttttttt……there was just….something. Something was missing. Or off. Or just didn’t quite feel 100% right.

Then again many of us also have those “A-Ha!” moments where one conversation, one comment, one book made something click that set off a chain of events that made that “one moment” a true life changer.

Or maybe things are great but you like the idea of retiring a little bit sooner. Getting one week more vacation a year. Having a bigger safety net for you and your family.

Re-read the section above.

We’re against automation when it comes to your life’s purpose. To trying to find meaning and happiness by going on auto-pilot.

Let’s not “go with the flow.” Especially not from politics, systems, or marketing lies meant to keep us all mindless zombies trudging forward with the horde.

The horde can do fine without us.

We’re going on strike!

zombie on strike closeup
Nothing makes a zombie happier than a strike – Yah!

Thanks for visiting, and please look around and let us know what you think!

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