51 Small Ways to Improve Your Life Today

My Best Life Made Better

Changing your life is hard. Right? What if I told you the only reason for that is you’re doing it wrong? This isn’t coming from a “Holier Than Thou” place, this is from me laughing, nudging you with an elbow, and saying “Dude I’ve been f**king this up for YEARS,” place. I don’t know how …

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Truth Time: I’m Afraid

zombie on strike closeup

So sometimes you need the motivational video, and sometimes you need reflection, and sometimes you just need to know you’re not the only one. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. Steven Pressfield would call it the Resistance, the enemy of doing anything creative, anything that grows you out of your shell. Makes sense to me. …

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What Is Zombies on Strike All About?

The history behind this name is an odd one. The idea of “Zombies on Strike” hit me 12 years ago and since it was available as a domain name, I bought it. Originally the idea was a sort of zombie fan site: zombie based fiction, review of zombie movies, that sort of thing. Needless to …

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